I have dealt with Endoline for nearly 15 years and they have always been very good people to work with. Endoline’s willingness to come out to Australia and look at the problems faced by our customers has been very impressive and has allowed us to make some real inroads in to the Australian snack foods industry. Every job we have worked on with Endoline has been a success, delivered on time and the customers have been 100% satisfied. That is not always the situation with other companies and makes Endoline one of our best principals.

Rob Lawrencehttp://www.wallsmachinery.com.au

We’ve had the case erector (and a case sealer) for about 4-5 years and it’s the best machine in my factory. It’s very efficient, easy to operate and very simple to change over from one type of case to another. It has saved us the cost of employing 4 operators to do the same job and it’s an extremely reliable machine.

David MussellThe Burger Manufacturing Company

We were looking for a case erector when we saw Endoline at the PPMA show. They had a 221 case erector there and we were very impressed with the simplicity of the design and smooth operation of the machine. It also had a small footprint which was ideal for the limited amount of production space we had available. We looked at one other company, but Endoline were always the front runners and got the sale.

Richard BuxceyFarécla Products Limited

Professional sales and after sales service, technical support was prompt and efficient. Installation was simple and right first time. The new installations have proved totally reliable and performing as specified (we run 24/7 -365 days a year). End of line production quality and value added processes now sustainable. If you’re sick of Italian poor build and spares availability then I suggest Endoline – simple robust and well-engineered (especially the tape heads).http://www.quorn.co.uk

Paul BowkerMarlow Foods