Case Packing Solutions


Endoline Robotics can supply a wide range of fully automatic case packing systems. Each system is specifically designed to suit the application, product weight and speed requirement. Modular systems, integrated with Endoline case erectors and sealers are available, as well as all in one case packers.

Endoline’s highly skilled design team will work with you to find the best solution available. Each system is meticulously designed to handle a wide array of packaging types with exceptional productivity and zero operator assistance. All systems deliver reduced operational costs and a rapid return on investment, ensuring your production processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, each Endoline Robotics system is designed for seamless integration into your manufacturer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), enabling a turnkey operation with real-time data reporting capabilities.


Each Robotic case packer is engineered to cater to diverse packaging types, offering variable throughput speeds tailored to specific applications. With its modular design, case erecting, case packing and sealing machinery are all available individually, in either taping or gluing applications. Any of these machines can be seamlessly integrated into existing packing lines or can be upgraded to meet future requirements.


The Endoline 321 Case Packer is an all-in-one frame system designed to streamline your packaging process. Combining case erecting, packing, and sealing technology into a single compact unit, the 321 offers a versatile solution that eliminates the need for multiple machines, significantly reducing footprint and optimising space utilisation in your facility.

Designed with accessibility and simplicity in mind, the 321 includes, intuitive controls, a low-level hopper for ergonomic loading of heavy case blanks and quick-adjust size changes. Operators will appreciate its user-friendly interface, enabling swift and hassle-free adjustments, cleaning, and maintenance to minimize downtime and keep your production running smoothly.



Any of Endoline’s machines can be modified or customise designed to suit your specification, if you can’t find exactly what you want then contact Endoline and a Sales Engineer will discuss your requirements with you in full.



    Our machinery can accommodate various packaging types such as bottles, pillow packs, and SRP packaging. Its versatile design and adaptable features ensure seamless integration into diverse production environments, regardless of the packaging format. Whether it’s bottles of varying shapes and sizes, delicate pillow packs, or intricate SRP packaging, the Endoline Robotics case packer effortlessly handles them all with precision and efficiency.

  • Compact footprint

    Endoline Robotics case packers are engineered with a compact footprint, making them an ideal solution for areas with limited floor space or unconventional layouts where traditional bulky machinery may not be feasible. This compact design ensures efficient utilization of space, allowing manufacturers to maximize their production capacity without compromising on space constraints

  • Robust Construction

    Constructed with high-quality components, Endoline Robotics case packing lines ensure minimal servicing requirements for continuous 24-hour operation, making them ideal for demanding end-of-line packaging environments. Experience maximum productivity and minimal stoppage time, ensuring the best possible value for your investment with Endoline Robotics.

  • Increased Productivity

    Case packing systems have many advantages such as quality control, flexibility, and high efficiency. These systems are designed to improve the process of loading products into cases, helping customers increase speeds and reduce costs. A case packing application will also offer customers complete flexibility by installing a fully integrated case packing line.

  • Low Cost Ownership

    Endoline case packing lines are designed to give you the best possible value for your investment through maximum productivity with minimal stoppage time. All Endoline’s machines are built for 24/7 operation and require little maintenance offering a long life expectancy resulting in a low cost of ownership.


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