For decades, Endoline have customised its fully automatic case erecting and sealing solutions to suit the evolving needs of customers. Increasingly, particularly through our relationships with global food manufacturers, we were aware of a rising demand for robotic integration. Palletising systems represented a major growth area for UK industry, with robots perfectly poised to take the strain of monotonous and repetitive tasks off manual workers, freeing up their time to complete more value-added tasks. Entering the market with a robotic palletising solution, which would work as an extension to our end of line systems, was the natural progression for us.

Our skills and engineering prowess undoubtedly lie within the build of automated end-of-line systems. Consequently, we knew that to successfully penetrate the market with a robotics solution, we would need the expertise of a company synonymous with creating high spec robotics, and the FANUC brand, which is globally recognised, absolutely represents this.

We launched the 1000 series under the brand. We wanted to enter the market with a proved, high quality range which would directly meet the needs of manufacturer’s looking for flexible systems which would not become redundant if a business changed direction. There are three systems under the 1000 range, and all are transportable, offering huge advantages over stationary palletisers, as they can be easily moved and incorporated into different production lines within a manufacturing facility as and when demand dictates. Each system features a FANUC robotic arm, and a range of gripper arms to precisely handle carton boxes, display boxes, trays, multipacks, bags, and totes.

Extremely. Each system can be easily moved by forklift and quickly installed and commissioned onto different lines as and when demand dictates. The compact nature of the 1000 series makes it ideal for sites with limited space.

Each system under the 1000 series range can run up to 12 cycles per minute. The maximum weight load is 40kg per product.

A system from our 1000 series of robotic palletiser can significantly improve productivity. For example, the installation of a 1002 system within UK-based Carr’s Flour Mills doubled output from 120 to 250 tonnes per week. This equipped the company with the flexibility to increase their operation and run the line 24/7 to manage demand. The return on investment (ROI) of Endoline Robotic systems is extremely fast and typically is way below 30 months.

Industry 4.0 ready, each of the three systems under the 1000 series of robotic palletisers are Industry 4.0 ready which means that manufacturers can easily extract performance data on productivity and output or any other meaningful information such as preventive maintenance.

Each system within the 1000 series is built to a small footprint. Offering inherent flexibility, and fast ROI, the 1001, which is built to a footprint of 3.830 x 2.400 x 3.000 mm is ideal for small-to-medium productions and sites with limited space.

We recognise that many manufacturers face financial constraints, so we have launched flexible finance options to help them take the automation plunge. Under the ‘Pal’ finance scheme there are options which have been designed to de-risk automation plans and enable manufacturers to spread the cost of their investment. This includes Go-Pal, an outcome-based contract, with no capital investment, enabling manufacturers to only pay for the number of pallets produced and Rent-Pal, which provides both short- and long-term rental solutions.

To further de-risk the purchasing process, Endoline also offers a ‘Try Before You Buy’ option. Here, a manufacturer’s product is run on our in-house palletising demonstration facility. This free of charge service allows the manufacturer to fully understand the system and run trials before placing an order.

Endoline Automation has always offered customers a comprehensive sales and technical support service to customers, and this has been replicated at Endoline Robotics. Due to the expected longevity of all Endoline systems, we offer a wide ranging service. From training to equipment ‘health checks’ to ensure the robot continues to work at optimum performance many years after installation. We also hold a vast amount of competitively priced spare parts which can be sent to a customer quickly.

The 1000 series are plug & play robotic systems and a typical installation and start-up will take no more than 2-3 days, including full training. Unlike other robotic systems, Endoline Robotics systems require no civil works or any other type of work from the customer.

The 1000 series feature a 6-axis FANUC 710/70 robotic arm with a net product payload of 40kg. However, depending on the application other robotic arms may be used with a product payload of over 300kg.

Yes. Endoline Robotics offer a one year warranty period.

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