Palletising Solutions


Endoline Robotics, excel in delivering fully automated palletising solutions designed to elevate productivity, improve efficiency, utilise space and reduce cost.

Endoline Robotics sets itself apart by providing customized solutions for standard or non-standard applications, utilising vacuum, or servo-driven grippers/end-effectors to efficiently handle and orientate products.

Prioritizing efficiency, productivity, and operational optimization in all our solutions through innovative technologies and intelligent design principles, we drive enhancements that maximize output while minimising downtime.

Explore our range of products, including the renowned 1000 series, and revolutionise your palletising operations with Endoline Robotics.


Precision robotic palletising customised to predefined patterns, ensuring optimal efficiency. Streamlined integration of palletising lines using advanced pallet shuttles, optimizing both workflow and space. Reliability and low maintenance needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Our design experts excel in providing palletising solutions specifically tailored for trays, whether they’re made of carton or plastic, including popular options like IFCO trays.


Discover our tailored solutions for palletising pails, offering flexibility in collating them into rows or layers to suit specific application needs and production speeds.


Our innovative solutions tailored for the brewing and bottling industries, seamlessly managing the entire production cycle from de-palletising full crates to palletising and stretch wrapping re-packed shrink-wrapped multipacks with bottles.


Optimize your plastic crate handling with our automated palletising and de-palletising solutions, featuring seamless sorting of products and palletising of empty crates, ensuring a fully automated production process. Sorting conveyors for crates enable the processing of mixed pallets, enhancing flexibility in handling various crate types.


Discover our specialised palletising solutions designed specifically for sacks and bags, featuring conveyors optimized for seamless transfer of these products and customisable gripper/end-of-arm tooling for versatile applications. Versatile processing capabilities accommodating a wide range of sack or bag types, ensuring flexibility in handling various materials.


Ability to design and manufacture special solutions with vacuum or servo driven grippers / end-effectors to pick and orientate any non-standard products allows Endoline Robotics to offer bespoke solutions for non-standard applications.

  • Complete service from the design to installation, training and after-sales support
  • Unique selling points to justify the investment
  • High quality support throughout the life time of the system for peace of mind


Any of Endoline’s machines can be modified or customise designed to suit your specification, if you can’t find exactly what you want then contact Endoline and a Sales Engineer will discuss your requirements with you in full.


  • Service

    Our comprehensive service offerings cover every aspect of our clients’ journey, from initial design conceptualisation and meticulous installation to thorough training programs and dedicated after-sales support. We provide a seamless experience, ensuring our clients receive the utmost assistance and expertise at every stage of their project.

  • Footprint

    Our compact footprint solutions are ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate into existing layouts, maximising operational efficiency without sacrificing valuable floor space. By optimising space utilisation and maintaining a small footprint, we ensure our clients can make the most out of their facilities while achieving peak performance and productivity.

  • Custom Engineered

    Custom-engineered products or systems designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual customers. These solutions are meticulously crafted to address unique challenges and specifications, ensuring that they align perfectly with the customer’s goals and objectives. custom-engineered solutions deliver optimal performance and functionality.

  • Low Cost Ownership

    The Endoline palletiser range is designed to give you the best possible value for your investment through maximum productivity with minimal stoppage time. All Endoline’s machines are built for 24/7 operation and require little maintenance offering a long life expectancy resulting in a low cost of ownership.



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