Palletising Solutions


Endoline Robotics Palletising Systems offer:

  • Automatic palletising with a state-of-the-art modern robotic systems capable of covering simultaneously up to 5 production lines for different types of packaging,
  • Highly accurate pallet loading and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • A Complete System approach providing safety during the palletising operation and also transportation of the ready pallets.
  • Automatic pallet stretch wrapping for extra security and automatic label printing and application for traceability.
  • Expandability – thanks to modular design (e.g. the system can be enhanced to handle more production lines).

For more information on Endoline Robotics range of products go to the 1000 series.


Cardboard boxes palletising is the most popular solution for food and other industries.

Endoline Robotics offer fully automated solutions to meet the customer’s requirements and increase productivity.

  • Robotic palletising according to the agreed patterns
  • Merging of palletising lines via a pallet shuttle
  • Reliability and minimum maintenance
  • Small footprint solutions built into the existing layout


Our team of design experts provide palletising solutions for multiple product types including trays, carton or plastic (e.g. IFCO trays).

Apart from tray palletising, we are also experts in robotic packing (link to case packing page) of individual trays as well as in automatic stacking / de-stacking of empty plastic trays to maximise productivity

Optional sorting conveyors for mixed products and ability to manage mixed pallets. Labelling of the secondary packaging and pallets ensures traceability.


Specialised solutions for palletising pails which can be collated in rows or layers depending on the application requirements and the speed.

  • Unique solutions engineered to meet the customer’s requirements
  • Automatic pallet stacker/de-stacker to reduce changeover time
  • Automatic slip sheet inserting to ensure pallet stability during storage and transportation.


We have a number of unique solutions for brewing and bottling industries as the systems can handle the full production cycle from de-palletising of full crates to palletising and stretch wrapping of the re-packed shrink wrapped multipacks with bottles.

  • Accurate palletising and/or de-palletising for bottles
  • Complete transport system for product and pallets
  • Optional equipment for shrink-wrapping, labelling and check weighing


Tailor-made solutions for layers or rows of cans allow to achieve maximum productivity when palletising tinned products like soups, baked beans, pasta, fish, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables.

  • Sorting stations for tinned products
  • Multi configuration adjustable product collating system to crate rows or layers
  • Optional equipment for shrink-wrapping, labelling and checkweighing


Plastic crates palletising and de-palletising with automatic sorting of the product and palletising of the empty crates allows to fully automate every stage of the production process.

  • Bespoke design end-of-arm tooling to allow for multiple formats processing
  • Sorting conveyors for crates to allow for mixed pallets processing
  • Optional equipment for shrink-wrapping, labelling and checkweighing


Special palletising solutions for sacks and bags include conveyors suitable for transferring this type of product and also bespoke gripper / end-of-arm tooling to allow for versatile applications.

  • Processing of a wide range of sacks or bags types
  • Built in checkweighing and/or x-ray stations to ensure quality control
  • High speed palletising and versatile applications allowing for different patterns and automatic slip sheet inserting


Ability to design and manufacture special solutions with vacuum or servo driven grippers / end-effectors to pick and orientate any non-standard products allows Endoline Robotics to offer bespoke solutions for non-standard applications.

  • Complete service from the design to installation, training and after-sales support
  • Unique selling points to justify the investment
  • High quality support throughout the life time of the system for peace of mind

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