Palletising systems increase productivity for world’s largest dairy co-operative

Endoline Robotics holds the strategic partnership with FANUC UK to manage the installation of robotic palletising systems across the country.

These fully automatic, flexible systems have been sold globally, increasing the production and efficiency levels of manufacturing sites.

As a result of installing three FANUC M410 palletising robots within the world’s largest dairy co-operative, the systems have assisted in increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

As one of the world’s top five dairy companies, Friesland Campina exports its dairy-based beverages, infant nutrition, cheese, and desserts to over 100 countries worldwide.

The latest palletising system was installed on the company’s yogurt production line.

Testament to the flexible nature of the palletising systems powered by FANUC  robots, each tray comes in various sizes and configurations; 12x, 16x and 32x yogurts per tray.

To save space and avoid moving any existing equipment an overhead conveyor system with Intralox modular conveyor belts was installed to deliver the trays to the palletising cell.

A special mechanical gripper, fixed to the M410, is used to collate the products, and allows for the required palletising pattern. Increasing pallet stability, the palletising robots stack the trays into three layers, before a pick and place cycle intervenes to insert a cardboard interlayer.

The M410 robot forms part of a complete integrated system which includes third party automation equipment.

The finished pallets are automatically transferred to a Robopac Technoplat Stretch Wrapping system, and a pallet label is printed and applied using Markem Imaje 2200.

Designed to meet the latest CE safety regulations, protecting operators when working with an automated robotic palletising system, the system offers great flexibility and can be programmed for multiple types of products and palletising patterns. Remote access also comes as standard to help with quick diagnostics and service support.