Endoline Robotics solutions demonstrated at FANUC’s first Open House

Endoline Robotics were delighted to participate within FANUC’s first ever Manufacturing, Automation, and Digital Transformation Open House. The inaugural event brought the manufacturing industry together in a bid to change the perception of automation in the UK.Held at FANUC’s state-of-the-art UK headquarters in Coventry, over 600 manufacturing professionals from across the UK attended the event. Discussions held over the course of the three days responded to some of the industry’s most burgeoning questions on automation in UK manufacturing.

During the event, Endoline Robotics exhibited a fully automatic palletising system incorporating a 6-axis FANUC M-710iC series industrial robot. Director of Sales for ERL, Grigory Belosky, commented: “We were delighted to play such a pivotal role alongside FANUC. A sister company to Endoline Automation, ERL was launched in a direct bid to respond to growing calls from UK manufacturer’s for fully automated end of line systems with robotic solutions.”Recent figures suggest that UK automation is currently falling behind other leading manufacturing nations, which is having an impact on its ability to keep pace in terms of productivity. To illustrate the point: there are just 71 industrial robots per 10,000 workers in the UK, positioning it behind 14 other European countries. In contrast, Germany has 309 units, contributing to a production rate which is 30% higher per hour than the UKs.

“It is important that we clearly communicate and educate our customers on how robotic automation can improve productivity.” Continues Grigory. “Automation needs to evolve within the UK, and robotic solutions will play a vital role in this progression. For almost 40 years Endoline Automation has been a leading provider of case erecting and sealing automation. Now, following the launch of Endoline Robotics and through the strength of the FANUC brand, we are able to offer our customers robotic solutions to help drive up robotic adoption in the UK.”

FANUC Open House Event

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FANUC Open House Event

29th – 31st of October 2019 at FANUC UK, Coventry


The UK is the only G7 country with a robot density below the world’s average and is 30% less productive per hour than manufacturers in Germany.

How can we improve these statistics and re-position the UK as a global leader in manufacturing once again?

Automation is going to play an integral role in ensuring UK manufacturing is able to compete, yet many manufacturers remain sceptical as to its cost, payback period, and suitability for their applications.

FANUC is inviting UK manufacturers to its first ever Open House event on 29 – 31 October 2019, to help understand the importance of automation, as well as how cost-effective it can be.

Discover Endoline Robotics at PPMA Total Show 2019


We look forward to seeing you at PPMA Total Show 2019 Stand H120 where Endoline Robotics will be showcasing a fully automatic palletising system which will be palletising and de-palletising plastic crates. Incorporating a 6 axis Fanuc M710 series industrial robot, the plastic crates will be in various sizes/colours to demonstrate the ability to manage mixed pallets. Endoline Robotics palletizing systems are designed to give you the best possible value for your investment through maximum productivity with minimal stoppage time. All machines are built for 24/7 operation and require little maintenance offering a long-life expectancy, resulting in a low cost of ownership.