FANUC Open House Event 2021

Building on the success of its first ever open house in 2019 and its debut virtual offering in 2020, FANUC UK will host an automation event in November this year.

Taking place between Monday 1st – Friday 5th November, FANUC is inviting guests to visit its UK headquarters in Antsy Park, Coventry. There will be a full line-up of speakers as well as a demonstration programme spanning three distinct themes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which is bookended by two open days for exploration of its facility on the Monday and Friday.

Endoline Robotics Ltd will be a guest exhibitor at the Open house, and the UK Sales Manager, Suraj Patel, will be available to discuss automatic robotic palletising solution, which are powered by FANUC.

To register for the open house please visit the FANUC UK website.

Suraj Patel, on the right, with the Endoline Robotics 1001 palletiser.