Endoline Robotics appoints new UK Sales Manager

Suraj Patel has joined Endoline Robotics as UK Sales Manager.

Appointed to grow the robotics company, launched by Endoline Automation in 2019, Suraj will work with manufacturers across the UK to address their palletising needs.

Working closely with Endoline Robotics’ strategic partner FANUC, Suraj will manage the supply and installation of the robotic palletising systems.

The automation of end-of-line palletising systems represents a major growth area for UK manufacturers. Endoline Robotics’ palletising solutions takes the strain of monotonous and repetitive tasks off manual workers, freeing up their time to complete more value-added tasks.

Suraj’s role will see him demonstrate the benefits Endoline Robotic palletisers can yield, while raising the profile of the company. Suraj brings a wealth of experience in working with UK manufacturers, particularly within the food sector, as a result of his six years with Mettler-Toledo International.

Suraj comments: “I am delighted to join Endoline Robotics. I have been aware of the great reputation of Endoline Automation throughout my career, they are synonymous with creating high quality end-of-line solutions, and I am looking forward to being part of their robotics story.”

“While Endoline Automation has achieved great success on a global platform, they remain a family run business at heart, and this was hugely appealing to me.”

Suraj Patel has joined Endoline Robotics as UK Sales Manager