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Government announces super deduction tax on machinery

From April 2021 until March 2023, businesses investing in plant and machinery will qualify for a 130% capital allowance deduction. This tax break will provide 25p off company tax bills for every £1 spent on qualifying plant and machinery. This measure – which is expected to boost UK investment by £20 billion a year – […]

Endoline Robotics launches new, flexible ‘Plug & Play’ palletising robot series

Endoline Robotics has launched a new series of upgradeable ‘Plug & Play’ robotic palletisers, offering manufacturers greater flexibility. With huge advantages over stationary systems, the transportable 1000 series of robotic palletising solutions, featuring a FANUC robotic arm, can be easily moved and incorporated into different production lines within a manufacturing facility as and when demand […]

Endoline Robotics’ palletising solution helps flour miller meet rising retail demands

A new robotic palletising solution from Endoline Robotics is delivering significant productivity gains for UK-based Carr’s Flour Mills. With unprecedented demand for flour during the Covid-19 pandemic, Carr’s doubled its production for one major supermarket chain, from 120 to 250 tonnes per week. Installing an Endoline Robotics’ palletising system, powered by a Fanuc M710 robot, […]

Robotic systems set to aid food manufacture growth in the wake of Covid-19

Robotics and automation is set to play an increasingly larger role in safeguarding the future of the UK’s food manufacturing industry, according to Endoline Robotics, the strategic partner of FANUC UK. While most UK food manufacturers understood the efficiencies gained from automation, adoption was at a far slower pace than other countries. However, Covid-19 has […]

Robotic palletising systems increase productivity for Amstel Brewery

As a result of installing three Fanuc industrial robots on the re-packing line within Heineken’s Amstel Brewery, productivity increased up to 21,000 bottles of beer per minute, with a significant reduction in production costs. While the first robot automatically de-palletises a full plastic crate and positions it onto a crate conveyor system, the second robot […]

Palletising systems increase productivity for world’s largest dairy co-operative

Endoline Robotics holds the strategic partnership with FANUC UK to manage the installation of robotic palletising systems across the country. These fully automatic, flexible systems have been sold globally, increasing the production and efficiency levels of manufacturing sites. As a result of installing three FANUC M410 palletising robots within the world’s largest dairy co-operative, the […]

2020 must be the year for robotic automation within UK manufacturing

UK manufacturers must tip the balance in favour of automation in 2020 to avoid falling behind international competition. As the only G7 country with a robot density below the world’s average, with just 74 units per 10,000 workers, the UK is behind 14 other European countries in robotic adoption, highlighting the challenge that British manufacturing […]

Endoline Robotics solutions demonstrated at FANUC’s first Open House

Endoline Robotics were delighted to participate within FANUC’s first ever Manufacturing, Automation, and Digital Transformation Open House. The inaugural event brought the manufacturing industry together in a bid to change the perception of automation in the UK.Held at FANUC’s state-of-the-art UK headquarters in Coventry, over 600 manufacturing professionals from across the UK attended the event. […]

Discover Endoline Robotics at PPMA Total Show 2019

  We look forward to seeing you at PPMA Total Show 2019 Stand H120 where Endoline Robotics will be showcasing a fully automatic palletising system which will be palletising and de-palletising plastic crates. Incorporating a 6 axis Fanuc M710 series industrial robot, the plastic crates will be in various sizes/colours to demonstrate the ability to […]